Foils - Numbers & Letters .

Wholesale foil numbers & letters balloons offer a touch of personalised elegance to any event. These vibrant and versatile decorations offer a fantastic way to express sentiments, mark milestones, and amplify the joy of any occasion.

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Add a Personal Touch With Foil Numbers & Letters Balloons

Whether used individually or combined to form phrases and numbers, these high-quality balloons offer a canvas for creativity.

Mix and match colours, play with arrangements, and let your imagination run wild to craft visually striking and impactful displays for any setting. Take a look at some of our popular options:

  • Jumbo Foil Letter Balloons – Jumbo foil letter balloons from Grabo are a popular choice for birthdays and milestones. Make a statement with these extra-large 40” metallic foil balloons.
  • Air-Filled Numbers – These small Air-Filled Numbers don’t require helium, making them simple and easy to inflate. With guaranteed quality from top brands such as Grabo and Northstar, these balloons make a perfect addition to table arrangements and banners.
  • Words & Phrases Balloons – Start the celebrations with our range of word & phrase balloons. Our air-filled scrips come from top brands like Anagram and Grabo and boast a wide selection of phrases to match any event. From wedding parties to NYE celebrations, there’s something for everyone in this collection.

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