Wholesale Balloon Accessories .

At Hi Flyers, we stock a range of wholesale balloon accessories, including ribbons, weights, and pumps, to add flair and functionality to your balloon arrangements.

With a variety of colours, shapes, and styles available, you can easily customise your decor to match any occasion or theme.

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High-Quality Balloon Accessories UK

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, wedding, or corporate event, wholesale balloon accessories offer creative versatility and can turn ordinary spaces into captivating, festive environments. Discover some of our popular accessories for balloons, including:

Balloon Weights – Keep your helium balloons securely in place with our range of decorative balloon weights. They come in a range of shapes and designs to add to the overall aesthetic of your display.

Balloon Shine Sprays – These specially crafted sprays have been designed to give your balloons the ultimate shiny finish. Our Kalisan quick spray is the perfect solution for reviving latex balloons that have faded or shrunk.

Balloon Tails & Tassels – Balloon tails can add an extra flourish to any floating balloon. They are available in a wide array of designs to fit any theme or occasion. Likewise, our stunning tassels are available in numerous finishes and colours.

Explore the full collection below.

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